NFT marketplace

Cayrop is an NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell tokenized virtual goods. While new traders and developers may not know where to start, we offer easy-to-use tools for managing NFTs and introducing them to new technologies that facilitate the growth of the global video game industry.

A market for trading metaverse items and land.

Cayrop will create a unique marketplace for gamers and game developers. Gamers will be able to easily exchange the game items they own by placing them on the blockchain, and game developers will benefit from the free distribution of their games in the rapidly growing cross-platform gaming environment.

Will create a unique cross-play marketplace that will allow players to earn money by converting their virtual goods into tradable goods. This marketplace allows players to trade any virtual goods they own with any player on any platform at any time.


Just metaverse items and lands?

It's not just limited to land, and items - buyers will also be able to buy and sell unique artwork, collectibles, music, video, and many other NFTs.

Cayrop marketplace will enable the exchange of goods and services. For example, a buyer could purchase a piece of artwork directly from an artist or commission a song from an accomplished musician.


Our mission is to build a low gas fee Multi-Chain marketplace for all players in the blockchain industry.

Game Development

We will provide convenience to software developers with a game development platform integration on the NFT market palace.

Cayrop NFT Explorer

Cayrop NFT Explorer makes it easy to search, view, and transact Non-Fungible Tokens.

2022 - Q1

Core NFT Market Development

Multi-chain NFT marketplace will develop advanced solutions to provide long-term and stable services.

2022 - Q2

Game Development Integration

We will release a Game Development Integration package that allows you to use nft assets with in your Metaverse game.

2022 - Q3

NFT Explorer

We will create an NFT Explorer so that users can easily scan for digital assets.

2022 - Q4

Improved Features, Integrations & Tools

We will create better integrations, smarter software and complementary tools for the Cayrop.

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